The Perfect Approach

Part 1 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

Ready to book?

If you are contacting, ready to book, then the ideal start is to ask/confirm the rate, and tell him how long and where you want to meet. That way it gives the escort an indication you are a serious client. Then ask if he is available when you are wanting to meet.

He may ask you for a deposit for an outcall, especially if travel time is over 30 minutes. If he’s a well established escort, you will very likely be safe to do this. If he is a new escort, the deposit will be at risk, as he might not turn up. It’s rare that will happen, so I’d say it’s worthwhile risk.

If he is available, then tell him the basics of what you want from the meet. If something is very important to you, then check he is happy to do it, before you confirm a booking.

Then done, confirm the meet.

If you don’t stray too far from that, he will be happy.

Not ready to book?

You should only message an escort when you know you want to meet. Sometimes though there are things you want to know first. If you are not planning to book immediately, then be clear early on. If you aren’t clear with your intentions, he will sense something is fishy.

If there aren’t many pictures on their profile, then asking for more is fine. Of course, asking for face pictures is fine, if none are on his profile. Assume his profile pictures are recent, or that they still look the same. If you meet, and he doesn’t look like his pictures, then consider complaining to him, and/or his advertising websites.

Don’t contact an escort with the expectation of having sex chat before meeting. Sex chat is anything beyond explaining what you want to do, and asking if they are okay to do it. If you are talking on a call with them, then don’t mention anything sexual at all. Most people who do this, never actually meet, and just use the promise of booking in order to have a wank over sex chat. So the escort will become suspicious. The escort might respond abruptly, asking when you want to meet. Or they might ask for a deposit before making a booking. Or they might just stop replying, or block you.

If you have kinks or role plays in mind, then describe briefly what you are wanting. Most scenarios can be arranged in just a few messages.

If you do want sex chat before meeting, then be clear, and offer to send a payment for a chat

Don’t ask them if they are clean/play safe. Especially if they are a professional escort. Because it’s rude, and also pointless. A lot of escorts meet clients daily, and will be tested as often as monthly. Therefore, there will never be a time when they know for certain they are clean. If you are using a condom for anal, but not for oral, then the only thing you can catch is bacterial infections… If someone has a herpes outbreak, or genital warts, then they won’t meet you (if they are sane), or it will very likely be visible anyway.

Like all hookups, not just escort meets, you should get tested a week after every risk, and also every 3 to 6 months, depending how sexually active you are. If you are planning to bareback, be on PrEP, even if the escort says they are on PrEP themselves. Never trust when someone says they are clean… take your own precautions. You can read more safety info on my site, here

Never booked an escort?… 

If it’s your first time booking an escort, and/or you are nervous, then tell the escort in your first message. If you then stray from the ideal approach shown above, he will understand why. The problem here though, is that the escort can’t trust you are telling the truth. If you are chatting a lot, especially if you are trying to sex chat, the escort will become suspicious you are lying about being new, in order to get more chat without any intention to book a meet. Also, a lot of new/nervous people cancel meets last minute, or don’t show up, without warning. If the escort knows you are new, then he will be more likely to politely tell you if and why he thinks you might be wasting his time, then you can go from there, and either book, or decide you are not confident enough yet.

If you’re on the edge of booking, but not 100% sure, for whatever reason, that you will make the meet, then consider offering the escort a deposit. Be completely clear with them about the reason you might cancel. If they agree, then they will be completely fine if you do cancel, they would of had the opportunity to arrange a plan b,  and will allow you to book again with no animosity.

An escort without a lot of experience might talk a lot to you before a first meet, and you might find it leads to sex chat. They will do this because they won’t know how common time wasters are yet, or maybe they are desperate to earn money, so are hopeful you will book if they make you horny enough. If you genuinely want to meet, but still aren’t confident enough after your chat, then offer to send some money for their time. Then tell them you will let them know if you are ever ready to make a booking. This will both make him super happy, and let him know you are safe to reply to in future.

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