Discussing the Rate

Part 2 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

If the rate is more than you are happy to spend, never say “too expensive”, and never try to barter the price down. Say something like, “Sorry, that’s more than I’m looking to spend, but thanks for replying”. If the escort responds badly to that, then they must be a bit of a twat, just ignore them.

The price an escort chooses to charge, is not based on what they think they are worth. The price is based on what amount they are prepared to escort for. By saying “too expensive”, it gives the impression you think they are not worth that amount, or that they are charging too much for what you think any escort should change. If you see an escort is charging £1,000 per hour, the reaction shouldn’t be surprise, because it’s just the price they are personally willing to escort for, for whatever reason.

Bartering an escorts price down is bad for many reasons. Escorting isn’t an industry where bartering is expected… you’re not buying a car. I personally don’t allow bartering, I find it offensive, and I don’t like the type of person that tries it. Even if they later agree to my price, I remain cautious, or potentially refuse to meet them, depending on how rude they seem in general. By bartering, you’re making the experience cold and calculated, because you bring the money into focus. And if an escort agrees to a lower price, the money will stay on their mind. They will think of you far less favourably. They might even not put in their full effort during the meet. You will be lower priority if you want to book future meets, because they will of course prefer to book with people paying more. They might even cancel your meet last minute, because someone else wants to meet for their normal rate.

Even if you later agree to the escorts price, the escort will remember you tried to barter. Although they will give you a normal meet just like they would anyone else, they will probably secretly not like you very much, and you will struggle to build a genuine friendship, if that’s what you want.

Some escorts will agree to a reduced rate for less time. So you could ask how much for half an hour, for example. But keep in mind that in the escorts head, whether it’s an hour or half, you are still doing the same things, and so the price they are prepared to do it for, might be the same. And if you still expect them to cum, the time has no effect on that. Also the preparation time, showering before and after, preparing the room, cleaning bedding, etc – none of that is halved either.

It’s different if you have a kink, that just requires 10 minutes, for example, and doesn’t involve full sex from the escort. But don’t suggest a price you want to pay. Ask them how much they will do it for.

I’ve been asked before if I would offer a lower rate for regular meets. Personally my answer is no, because it would make me want to prioritise other people who are paying the full rate. And there are some periods where I’ll be strictly meeting just one person a day, so it means my daily earnings are lower. It’s fine to ask, but remember if an escort agrees, then they might do what I would of done and prioritise someone else at a time you want to meet.

Paying more than their rate?

If you are relatively wealthy, and would like to pay more than the escorts normal rate, the escort will obviously be super happy with that. Doing that will get you priority over other plans the escort might have when you want to meet. Also, some escorts have monthly earning targets, and by you paying more, it means they will meet that target quicker, and allow them to do other things with their time for that target period. Or they might be saving money for something to help better themselves, and you will be contributing towards them achieving that. They will also just generally be happier to meet you, because they will recognise that you are doing a nice thing by paying more.

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