Ensuring Discretion

Part 3 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

If you are booking a professional, well experienced escort, you very likely don’t need to worry about discretion being compromised.

All good escorts will assume that discretion is extremely important for you. And so you won’t need to make a point to them about it.

You might have worries, if you are married, if you are not ‘out’, if you have a particular career, and if you are famous.

If the escort shows any signs of unprofessionalism, that’s when you need to become cautious.

I’ll go over some of the worries you might have, and how to defend against them.

Worried the escort could message you unexpectedly, and somebody will see the massage on your phone? A good escort, will never message you like this. They will only message when they are replying to you. Unless they arranged with you that it’s okay for them to send you notifications about things.

If an escort does send you an unexpected message, for whatever reason, you then need to assert how important discretion is for you. They won’t take offence, unless they are silly.

If you are especially worried about it, you can use a secret email account. And some escorts will use apps like Kik Messenger, Skype, Twitter, and Instagram. Turn off the notifications for these apps. And you can get apps that hide apps on your phone. Or you can go next level by getting a secret phone.

Calling from a private number is an option, but many escorts don’t answer private calls due to that method being popular with timewasters.

Worried about blackmail? This is super rare, but I’ve heard horror stories. Again, this isn’t usually something to worry about from a well established escort.

A big warning sign that blackmail is a potential, is if the escort becomes unprofessional, even if you think they are just being friendly! Especially if they are asking probing questions about your family or job, and if they meet you for free social meets. That isn’t always a bad sign, but I’ll talk about that in other chapters.

If an escort tries to blackmail you, go straight to the police. It is not illegal to hire an escort in the UK. And it’s much more common than you might think, so you don’t need to be embarrassed. The police will step in and warn the escort against going through with the threat. Which will likely scare them off, because you can press charges for blackmail, which is a very serious offence in the UK, with a sentence of up to 14 years.

Worried about escorts selling stories? If you’re famous, this is obviously a worry. Again here, pick an escort that is well established and well reviewed, to minimise risk. Also, look for signs they have a healthy productive lifestyle… Which increases the likelihood they are sane.

If an escort does this, it destroys their reputation as an escort, and will severely harm their income. It also severely harms their reputation in general, among other escorts, and among anyone with morals. 

99% of escorts wouldn’t even consider selling a story of course, because it’s beyond evil.

You will immediately become one of the escorts favourite clients if they already know you well as a celebrity. And they will more likely be eager to get to know you as a friend. A good escort will likely still maintain professionalism, because they know that’s expected.

You would be more worried in this situation if they do become unprofessional, and start to generally push boundaries into awkwardness. You won’t want to offend them, as you don’t know if they are the type of silly person who likes gossip by that point.

If they are pushing into that awkwardness at all, give them super light and polite hints for them to cool off. Don’t give them a reason to want to gossip, and make up exaggerated drama boy stories like “You know that guy… ? He’s an arsehole”, just because they are sad you don’t want to be fwends.

If you are especially worried about discretion to the point it puts you off meeting an escort, you can have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You can find premade agreements online, and print, or write them down.

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