Before the Meet

Part 4 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

If an issue comes up that means you can’t attend a planned meet, tell the escort immediately. Obviously, they can then make other arrangements, and you minimise the inconvenience. If you have never met them before, no matter what the excuse, the escort will naturally be more cautious the next time you plan a meet. A nice thing for you to do here would be to send them a small payment, both to make up for the inconvenience, and to prove to them you are a genuine client.

On the day of the meet, if it’s an incall, let the escort know when you set off, and if you are due on time. Don’t expect a reply from the escort (if you know they are experienced), they will very likely have you booked in and be expecting you. They just might be busy with something else, and not have time to check their phone.

If the escort is coming to your address, then expect them to message you before they set off. Reply asap to reassure them you’re still good to meet, if it’s a first meet with them. We get sent to a lot of fake addresses, and/or people often just don’t reply when we arrive, so if we don’t get a reply leading up to the meet, we will be getting worried. Most escorts won’t set off until they have the full address / hotel room number.

If you arrive early, don’t knock early and unexpectedly. Personally, I’m super efficient with my time, and I’m never ready until dot on the time of the meet. I have to shower, tidy up, make my bed up fresh, get my lighting right, get music on, get myself horny, and generally be prepared and calm, ready for action. I guess a lot of other people will also be similar, we all like to be prepared for guests.

If you are due late, then let the escort know, so they aren’t stood around ready for the doorbell. If you are under 10 minutes late, most escorts will allow for that, and it won’t be a problem. If you are later than that though there might be a problem. Sometimes escorts will have plans after your meet, and so you may be cutting into your time if you are late. You will still need to pay the agreed amount. Or some escorts will start the clock at the time you were due. Expect that to be the case, and don’t argue. The escort will likely be lenient and still give you a full hour, if they have the time. If they do, then consider giving them extra money for the time. They will appreciate it massively. It just shows that you are cool, that you respect them, and means they haven’t had any time wasted. They will also have genuine respect for you doing that, and if you want a friendship, you will be on the right track.

NO SHOWS…. Yeah, some people just don’t turn up to a planned meet. Usually it’s because the person has no respect for escorts, and they don’t feel a need to cancel the meet if they decide not to turn up. Some people make fake bookings just for the hell of it. I guess it’s some kind of power thrill thing. Knob heads. Rarely though it’s just a genuine mistake, and the client has forgot. It’s shit, and ultimately we lose money because of it, because we could have booked someone else. The same people then message a few months later expecting to book again. If you ever no show, for whatever excuse of a reason, and then want to contact the escort again, be ready to send them money to make up for it. Some escorts will ask for a ‘no show fee’ before they talk to you again.

Finally, make sure you are freshly showered right before the meet. Ask to shower at the escorts place if you need to. The main reasons escorts will either stop the meet, or not meet you again, is due to hygiene.

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