During The Meet

Part 5 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

The Money…

It’s best to give the money upfront. Or if it’s an outcall, maybe leave the cash on a table clearly on display. Personally, I don’t mind being paid either before or after, because I’m an animal and I know I’ll get the payment whatever happens. The escort might not ask for the money upfront in person, but try to remember to do it anyway, just to put their mind at ease incase they are maybe nervous you will do a runner or something. People try, trust me.

General Expectations…

In terms of your expectations for a first meet, don’t hold them high. Treat it like a gamble, just like with any shag you have, some are great, some are horrible. Pay, and see what you get.

I’ve found that what people expect from sex in general ranges massively. Some people are super happy with a just a cuddle and a wank, while others aren’t content unless they are on the constant verge of a heart attack. Wherever you are on the scale, it’s all fine, neither end is worse than the other for the escort, it’s just personal taste.

A problem though is when clients have something very specific in mind, and are only visibly happy if things are going perfectly as they have envisioned. The escort will sense this pressure, and it will make it difficult for him to concentrate, and even ‘perform’.

Yeah… that dick ain’t gonna stay hard with pressure. If you then bring focus to the fact he isn’t hard, you then raise the pressure massively again. Even viagra won’t beat that awkwardness, and allow you to beat anything else. In my experience, very few clients have been like this, because it takes a massive lack of empathy. But when they are, it makes for a horrible and awkward meet. Even if the escort does manage to stay hard, it would of been hard work for them, and they will be very unlikely to meet you again.

It’s really easy to prevent the awkwardness, just stay chilled, and don’t pressure the escort. If you are worried about accidentally making things awkward, maybe because you don’t have much experience, then you can ask the escort to take the lead. An experienced escort will know exactly how to give you an amazing meet, with zero awkwardness. So you’ll have nothing to worry about.

If you find yourself feeling like you need to pressure the escort to do the most basic of things during a meet, then you’ve probably met a bad/inexperienced escort. In this situation you can suggest things that you want to do. If the escort isn’t experienced, he will be eager to please you, but might not always be sure how, so he will be happy for you to help out.

Experienced escorts can usually get hard. Personally, if I find that I get in a situation where I’m struggling to get hard for a moment, I ‘reset’ things – I’ll do something to take focus off the moment. Maybe I’ll go get a drink, or I’ll lay down and have a quick break and a chat. This chills things out again, and things usually get going very quickly. If an escort does this like I do, then go with the flow and allow him a little chill time to reset.

It’s unlikely, but if you notice an escort is struggling to get hard and seems to be getting a little stressed, then try that reset tactic yourself. Don’t bring any attention to the fact he is struggling. Act like you haven’t noticed. Make things as chilled as possible, and then things should get going.

Silence in the background can contribute to an awkward atmosphere. So, if you are meeting the escort for an outcall, it will help if you have music on in the background. Stick to chart music. Don’t play a specific genre, because it might be something he dislikes and it will make it hard for him to relax.

Consider having porn ready to play too, if it’s easy to set up, especially if the escort hasn’t had much experience. That will just add an element to the meet and make things slightly easier for the escort. It’s all about making the best atmosphere possible to make a smooth fun meet.

A good escort will be reading what you are enjoying, and will be adapting for you. You might get a bad escort though, a “clock watcher” who clearly doesn’t want to be there, and is taking no notice of what you are clearly wanting. It will be awkward, no matter what you do. Especially if you were expecting him to take the lead. Don’t confront him about it. Just make the best out of the situation, or cut the meet short and call it a loss. Then book a good escort next time… Hi 😉

Want the escort to cum?

You shouldn’t go into the meet expecting for definite that the escort will cum. Personally, I can cum during most meets. But there are rare occasions where I’ll be wanking like crazy, on the edge of passing out and struggling to cum. It’s not always obvious why, sometimes my body is just like “no, ain’t cumming right now”, sometimes it’s something as simple as a headache. 99% of the time I can cum, and it’s probably the same with most escorts.

If they look like they are struggling badly, then tell them they don’t have to cum. They might say that they want to cum, and carry on trying. Or they might think, thank fuck for that.

Don’t stare at their face while they are wanking trying to cum, it’s a massive put off and will make it a lot harder for him Act casual and relaxed. It can be hard for you not to feel awkward while trying to act relaxed, but try to keep occupied enough without being distracting.

If you are waiting for them to cum, and they give up and say they can’t cum for this meet, then don’t act disappointed, and definitely don’t complain about it. The escort will want to make you happy already, so that you meet them again. You won’t change anything by complaining. You will just annoy them, and make it less likely they will meet you again.

If you are only interested in meeting for a cum shot, then tell the escort that before you meet them. The escort won’t like it, but if they are very confident they will be able to cum, they will agree. They might just say they are not interested though. Because if you expect to not pay if they can’t cum, they won’t want to risk that. It’s just hassle that most escorts aren’t willing to entertain.

Also, if you don’t really care about cum, tell them that they don’t have to cum if they don’t want to. It leaves the escort free to then go and cum for either another client, or in a cum rag someone wants to buy, or for a gf/bf, or date, or fuck buddy. He’ll appreciate it.

Leaving on time..

The escort will have a rough idea of the time in his head. Good escorts won’t keep looking at the clock. Personally, I’m not strict with time, and I use it more as a general guide. I try to leave it to the client to be aware and finish on time. If I think we are going over time though, and the client seems to not be aware, I will make hints that it’s time to finish up. Try to be aware when the time is coming to an end. If you want to have a bit of a chill/chat or shower afterwards, try to end the sex 10mins before. That way the escort will be relaxed and happy to chat to you. That’s a really good way to get to know him better and build a friendship.

If you need to book a taxi, then allow time for this, or book the taxi after you leave. If you ask to wait inside, the escort will likely say yes, but he probably won’t be happy about it (if time has gone over), especially if you ask him for taxi numbers, and even ask him to ring one for you. Also, don’t ask him to give you a lift to the station, even if you offer to pay him (unless you pre arrange this before the meet).

Most escorts won’t rush you out the door, coz it’s just cold and rude, but they will be conscious of the time, especially if they have other things to be doing.

If you realise time is almost up, and want more time, ask them if you can go longer, and how much it will cost.

The escort will probably be okay if it goes up to 10 minutes over (for a meet that’s at least an hour). But over 10 minutes it’s good if you pay for the extra time. So if it’s 15 minutes over, give them a quarter of the hourly rate extra. Don’t ask them if they want it before you give it, because they might say no just to be polite (if it’s just 15 minutes). They will be thinking “yes, yes, yes”. So give them the money and say it’s extra because you notice time went over. They will be super happy with that. And next meet they will know they can stay relaxed if time is going over.

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