After the First Meet

Part 6 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

Message afterwards, to let them know if you enjoyed it (if it’s a first meet). Some clients seem sad when they are leaving, but then go on to become regulars. Maybe this is because their mind is switching back into a reality which they might not be happy in at the time.

Obviously the escort is meeting for the money, but for most escorts (the ones who have normal human feelings) it matters if you are happy too. If they think you might not of had a good time, most will be sad about that, and they will be trying to figure out why.

Don’t let that make you think you have to appear overly happy to make sure they know you are happy. They might still think you are just trying to be polite anyway. Just be your natural self. The most convincing way of doing it is by sending them a message afterwards.

Maybe you were disappointed though. So your options here would be to not meet them again, or to try to arrange it so the next meet goes differently.

If you weren’t into their looks as much as you hoped, then obviously there is no changing that. But maybe they just weren’t as toned/muscular as they usually are. In that case, they might just be going through a bad period. Don’t tell them that their body is not like usual, or not like their pix. Obviously, they will be completely aware if it already, and probably will be planning to get back to normal asap. Keep up with their social media to see when they look back to normal. Or if they don’t have social media, wait for a month or 2 before meeting them again.

Maybe you didn’t like them because they didn’t connect very well, and they even seemed rude and unappreciative that you have met them. The clockwatchers. Usually there will be no changing this. It’s possible they were just having a bad day, but it’s more likely that they are just bad escorts. If you were super into them sexually though, then maybe wait a year for them to get better at escorting. If you are into being dominated, then you could potentially have a better meet with them if you ask them to dominate you harder next time. If they are taking more control, then their mind will be more in the room, because they will have to concentrate on what to do, so you will feel more of a connection.

Maybe it was just the sex that you didn’t like as much as you hoped. You could have a better meet next time if you message them to tell them things you like to do. You can then try meeting them again to see if things improve.

Leave them a review. We all love getting a review. The escort might not ask you for one, because it feels cold to ask. But he will definitely appreciate it. It will help them stand out from other escorts. And depending what you write, will help encourage more clients to book him.

If you had a really bad experience with an escort, complain to the sites they advertise on. Manchester Lads especially is very well run, bad escorts on their don’t last long.

Now the escort knows you are genuine, when you chat in future he will probably be a lot friendlier, and will chat more casually in messages.

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