Becoming a Regular

Part 7 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

Everyone wants something different from an escort. Some just want only sex or domination, with zero personal interaction. Some like the ease of the client-escort relationship, and the discretion. Some hope to become friends with an escort.

Whatever it is you are hoping for, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

If the escort is chatting casually to you in messages between meets, always keep it PG. Don’t send XXX pix, or talk about anything sexual, unless it’s about something you are arranging for a future meet. The sexual part of the relationship is the escorting part. If the escort is chatting to you, and becoming friendly, it’s probably because he likes you on a personal level. If the escort wants to have sex for free, then he will tell you, and then of course this guide is completely out the window.

Try to think of them as a straight friend… you wouldn’t say to them in random conversation, “I’m so fucking horny right now”, or “I stuck a 12 inch dildo inside me last night”. They don’t wonna know.

If you want sex chat outside of meets, then you can ask to send money for it.

Some clients like to meet spontaneously, and also like sex chat leading up to meeting to get excited. If you like this, then don’t expect the sex chat for free. Ask the escort if he is okay with it, and ask them how much extra they want for it.

If you are paying him extra when you meet, then that sex chat line between meets can become blurred. If you understand each other well, then you’ll both understand what’s wanted/expected. If he knows you won’t expect too much, and if he knows you understand that the sex chat is given because you pay well, he will be comfortable.

You’ll need to both be smart cookies to have these kind of unspoken rules. You can therefore have a natural relationship, where the money side of things are so automatic they never have to be discussed and are barely thought about.

You will easily be one of the escorts favourite clients if you are able to have such an easy understanding.

He will know that he can also become friendly without there being awkwardness around the arrangements for the sex.

You’ll both be on the same level. And we all love people who we are on the same level with.

If you buy gifts, they will be appreciated massively, but not if there is any obligation attached. Things on wishlists are often things that the escort would like, but doesn’t ‘need’. Because they value their money more for other things they are saving for, like investments and holidays.

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