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I want to travel about as much as possible to adventure and also film 🔥collabs. Airbnb or hotel gift cards will be a great help. My email for them is

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For now my main focus as Max Sail is to grow my following. I’m travelling around filming collabs for content as much as possible. Liking, commenting, and sharing my social media posts will be a great help.

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There are different categories of things you can buy on my Wishtender. There are things you can buy simply to show appreciation and encourage me to be even more active. There are master/sub payments you can make if you are weak for me and want to find out what it’s like to be my bitch! And there are payments you can make to contribute to my filming. All of the filming related payments will go into a pot and be spent only on filming related expenses.

All of this will be evolving over time. Stick around and follow my progress.

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