The Escort is Into You

Part 10 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

I have clients sometimes that I don’t want to accept money from, because I would have sex with them for free.

Once I told a guy to keep the money. He was super shocked though, and it was a little awkward.

I don’t refuse payment anymore. The reason is, it’s impossible to know the reason a client is meeting an escort. Some do it because they find it easier and quicker than going on dating apps. But some do it because they like that it is professional (that plumber capacity I spoke about before). They like that they can just message, say when and where, and what they want. And they like that the escort won’t be contacting them randomly when they are horny to meet themselves. Sometimes it’s a kink, and they like the thrill of handing a guy money for sex.

For those reasons, an experienced escort probably won’t let you know if they are into you.

Maybe you would be happy for the escort to meet you for free though. If you think it’s realistic that the escort could be into you, and he would meet you for free, the only way to let him know that you want to meet for free is to say it. But only once. And not as a question. And only if you are very confident he is into you too.

Bare in mind that if you switch to meeting for free, then it might be harder to arrange a meet when you want, depending on what the escorts priorities are at the time.

You could have an arrangement where, if he contacts you to meet, then you meet for free. But if you contact him to meet, then you pay. That way, you can still meet anytime you like. 

If you want to meet for free, and he agrees, but you still want that professional kind of ‘service’ arrangement, then tell him, or hint it. So, he won’t message you randomly, for example, and you can do more of the things that you want to, and for how long you want to. If he is into you, he will likely be fine with that.

When it’s over thought as much as all that is, it seems complicated, but you’ll find escorts who are on the same level as you, and understand easily what you want. It might just take some looking. Which is a lot of the fun.

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