Part 12 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

It will be better to have met for a shorter meet before arranging an overnighter, so you both know you get on well, and will have a good night. That isn’t vital though, and an escort likely won’t mind either way.

What a client expects from an overnighter, from experience, has been massively varied. Same just like a quick play, a nice long sleep, and a bit of a play in the morning. While some expect non-stop intense fun all night, and wake you up if you fall asleep.

If you like a nice chilled night, the escort will be super happy that you aren’t exhausting him like others do.

If you like a super intense meet, this is also fine, but you need to let the escort get a minimum of 6 hours sleep. The exception for this is if you are both doing chems, and can’t sleep anyway. You should still give the escort plenty of chill time though.

Don’t wake him up regularly though the night expecting more fun. No one likes being woke up, and trust me, he will want to throw you out the window. Waking him up once or twice for a cuddle is okay, he will likely expect that.

If you have a long wide awake night planned, an option to make it more interesting will be to invite someone else over for a little while. The escort might be okay with going on Grindr during the night, to find someone who will join you for free. But he might be uncomfortable doing that if he likes to stay discreet about escorting, for example.

If you want to arrange another person to join for a while, keep in mind that he might want to be paid extra if that person isn’t someone he would meet for free.

The easiest option would be to hire another escort to join for an hour or so. And make sure the escort is okay with who it is.

The arrive and leave times an escort is happy with will be varied. Generally, 9pm until 9am is normal. Most escorts won’t be strict about this, so if you need to sleep early, they will start earlier. Or if you need to start later and leave earlier, they will be okay with getting less than 6 hours sleep. As long as you don’t exhaust him, he will likely be happy to meet you again.

You might be nervous about an overnighter, maybe thinking you might not be entertaining enough for him. If this is the case, then an easy fix is to tell the escort what you like, and ask him to take the lead. That way there likely won’t be any awkwardness. You could get to know each other slowly, and you will become more confident the more you meet.

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