Duos, Trios, and More

Part 13 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

Most escorts will be happy to meet you with other escorts, if it’s with a sex they are attracted to.

In smaller cities, most of the well established escorts will know each other, if not through meeting, then through word of mouth. They will likely already know the escorts they are happy to work with.

In smaller cities then, it’s best to ask the escort if there are any escorts they like to duo with. If you have already met the escort you are asking, then you know the escort he suggests is also likely to be good.

In bigger cities, there are many many more escorts, and many that are visiting the city. You can then pick 2 or more similar guys yourself, and ask them if they are happy to join you together.

I’ve met some really cool other escorts by doing this, who I’ve became good friends with. So the escort will appreciate it, and will be extra excited about meeting.

Be aware you might feel jealous if you notice a spark between the escorts… You notice they clearly want to bang the life out of each other. You might of already explored those feelings, and think they won’t affect you, but if you are in a particularly loney time in your life, it might make you think about that, and might lower your mood.

If you aren’t feeling lonely, and are 100% booking the escorts for sex, then you’ll probably be glad if the escorts are getting on well, as long as they aren’t neglecting you, of course.

Think about this before you book a duo, because it will have a big effect on how much you enjoy it.

The escorts main focus will of course be on you, and so good escorts will notice if you expect their full attention, or you are happy with them to play with each other too. They should take subtle cues from you easily, so you can easily let them know where you want their attention to be. Plus, they can meet each other and get whatever out of their system another time.

You should arrange each escort directly. If you ask the escort to arrange the duo, you are giving him more work. They might agree to arrange, especially if they are new, but they would of preferred for you to arrange yourself.

Also, many times, clients have asked me to arrange a duo, and then the client has cancelled right before the meet, which has looked bad on me. Escorts who have learnt from that will likely refuse to arrange duos themselves.

The exception will be if you have met the escort many times, and you have always been super reliable, Then the escort may feel completely happy to arrange with the duo himself. But if you do need to cancel with this arrangement, it’s definitely a good idea to send some money for the hassle to both escorts.

Trios are very similar to duos.

Arranging a group of escorts, is possible, and is as fun as you could imagine. If you can’t spare the money to book a group for an hour, you could ask for them to do half an hour, or even 15 minutes. You’ll probably be more interested in this if you are sub, you can have a train go through you, and get bukakkied… for example.

The escorts will probably be very happy to do this. Because they are all meeting with each other, they will find it fun. This is a situation where bartering is acceptable as well.

I’ve done a group before, where 5 of us went to meet a client who just wanted us all to face fuck him, and cum on his face. We were all happy to be paid £30 each for 15 minutes for this.

The best way to arrange a group, is if you already know one escort well, so he knows you are reliable. You can then ask him to arrange it, if you tell him you will pay him extra for the effort of arranging. You know then that you are getting a group of good reliable escorts.

If you arrange each escort yourself, you might have difficulties if they all want to know everyone else that is coming. Also, you will have to find a time to meet when they will all be available, which could be impossible. If an escort is arranging it, they will choose people they are friends with, so the escorts will likely prioritise the meet, so he will be able to find a time they are all free easily

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