The Big Do’s and Don’ts Conclusion

Part 14 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

Big Don’ts

If an escort isn’t replying as quickly as you like, never say “cash waiting”, or “££££”, or any of that crap. They know money exists, and it’s just insulting.

Don’t say “?????”. Just wait for a reply. If you make a bad impression with a popular escort with your impatience, they don’t have to reply. They will just meet somebody else.

Don’t ask if they are ‘clean’. For reasons we spoke about in The Perfect Approach.

If the meet isn’t going how you expect, don’t get arsey in person, and never even consider refusing to pay or underpaying. It’s dangerous. You don’t know how they will react, and if they are complete psychos.

If the escort chats between meets casually, don’t think it’s then okay to talk about sexual stuff.

On dating apps (which aren’t meant for escorting), if you see an escort you’ve met or spoke to, don’t message them there. They will be using a dating site in time when they are not wanting to work. They are in chillout time, and looking for fun or dates. It would be the same as seeing your plumber on a night out, and asking him advice about plumbing. They won’t tell you that they don’t want to talk there, because there is no way to say that without it being rude, and potentially losing you as a client. But he will very likely be annoyed by it.

If you see an escort out and about, don’t say hi, and don’t even acknowledge their existence (unless they say hi to you (which they shouldn’t)). This is for discretion. They might be out with family who don’t know they escort, and will have to make up a story about how they know you.

Big Do’s

Be time efficient when arranging to meet.

Be showered!

Be on time.

Leave on time.

You will then not be in the escorts bad books. If the meet goes well, he will be happy to meet you again.

Leave a review. He will love that.

Options to make him extra happy: Pay him extra. Consider duos. Give him gifts. Buy from his wishlist. Buy other things from him he might sell, like worn boxers, or videos. Follow him on social media.

For more than a basic business relationship: Allow a bit of time to get to know him. Show him your personality. Let him know a bit about yourself. You will then open things up for him to become more friendly if he wants to.

Only be friendly up to a level that is reciprocated! Super important, for the sanity of both of you.

Congratulations, you mad man! You reached the end! Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think, and if you think there is anything else I should talk about.

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