A Warning About Sociopaths

Part 9 of “The Escort Hiring Guide”

This might seem dramatic. Not many people use the word. I haven’t heard anyone call even Megan Merkal one yet. Calling them “social climbers” is nicer, I guess.

I’ve came across at least 3 sociopaths in the escort industry, and I’ve heard horror stories of how they have damaged clients lives.

Sociopaths have reduced activity in the area of their brains that allows them to feel empathy. They are very similar in definition to psychopaths, and are only really distinguishable as psychopaths when they cause suffering, and enjoy it.

Sociopaths are extremely charismatic and smart. And they use this to become expert manipulators. They target people with big hearts, because tugging on heartstrings makes it very easy to manipulate people. Also, you will feel like it’s bad to ‘give up’ on them, after they do bad things. You will hope you become a rare person they can care about, and hope they are only being bad people because they have just been hard done by.

The first warning sign is if they act super friendly, and start to meet you outside of paid meets. A sociopath would do this, and then use tactics to make you care about them, and feel sorry for them. They will tell you sob stories, maybe real, but probably distortions, and they will portray themselves as a victim. They will be super convincing. They do this to make you feel like they are worthy of help.

Then they will start to use you, they will ask to borrow money, hoping you will tell them to keep it. They will not pay you back. And then they will tell you more sob stories, and then ask for more money. This is how they live, they use people like this until the person cuts them off, and then they go to the next person. They will make you feel special, and abuse your morals.

They will be thinking of you as a fish on a hook.

Other warning signs include impulsive behaviour, lack of concern for safety and rules, irresponsibility, unreliability, and easily bored and irritable. They will also have a wake of destruction they are avoiding.

How much of a game they are willing to play with you, will depend on how much it is worth for them (how much they can get out of you). In an escorting situation, it will usually be a short or medium term game. So their bad behaviour will begin quickly.

Their aim may be to ‘borrow’ money, and get free accomodation (sociopaths in the escort industry rarely have their own home, because they need to move so often). They will be careful not to create any evidence of law breaking. But they will advance to blackmail if they think they can get away with it. Most probably they will just make you scared that they MIGHT blackmail you, so you keep doing what they want out of fear that things might turn dark. They may give examples of bad things they have done to people who have wronged them, and they will try to manipulate you into thinking they deserved it, and that you would deserve it to.

While they are getting to know you, they will be assessing how much they can get out of you.

It can mess with your head in extreme ways when you are in the grips of a sociopath. If they are godly good looking it will be hard for you to resist, and you might think it’s worth the risk. And it might be. But be aware that it is very unlikely you will be able to outsmart them and avoid being hurt.

The vast majority of escorts are not sociopaths, so don’t let it worry you too much. As long as you are aware of the warning signs, you should be okay. If you do notice warning signs, maybe meet another escort who is popular in that area who might know him, and fish for a little information about their reputation. You can also look at reviews, but be aware that not everyone would have been a worthwhile victim for him.

Now we can get to something more fun.

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