The Shop – Selling men’s worn boxers & other kinky items

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How it Works

Check out the hot guys! Loads of payment options available at checkout. If a guy doesn’t display a face pic, don’t worry, I’ve seen him, and he is hottt. I’m only choosing the hottest guys to sell here. After you place an order, it will be reserved while we sort out payment. When you pay, you can have contact details for the seller, and he will send you face pix.

I’ve chatted a lot to each guy here, and verified them as genuine. They are decent guys, and I’m sure you’ll love what you buy.


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Payments Guaranteed by Max
If you don’t receive your order, I will refund you, and remove the seller from the website. Check out my reviews on my Manchester Lads and Sleepyboy to see I’m a decent guy.


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