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Thanks for applying!

Fill in this form after I reply to you. This will be the info that goes onto your profile.

Customers will probably want to contact you directly. If you want, I can pass your contact details to the customers who I think will be serious buyers. I’ll try to weed out the timewasters.

Make your profile as horny as possible. If you don’t want your face pic on your profile, describe your looks in the bio, and say if you will be okay sending face pix to people before, or after they buy.

Show them you’re real? New visitors to the site might be suspicious it’s not genuine. If you can add a pic of yourself holding a note up saying “selling on” that would help a lot to increase trust and sales. Up to you though.

I’m super flexible with everything on the site, so let me know if you have suggestions about anything. I’ll be working hard to get the word out and get us sales. If you can help by advertising anywhere, that would be great too.

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