Film with me

You can see all of my video previews on my porn page.

Who I’m looking for

I’m looking for guys 18-35ish. You must be good looking and athletic, slim or muscular.

Top or bottom is fine, or if you are straight, we can film solo stuff. Apart from that, any or no experience on camera is fine. Better if I can show your face on camera, but it’s not compulsory. I’m wanting to make a massive range of content, so we can do anything you’re comfortable with.

More about showing your face… I don’t show my face in any publicly accessible content. My face is only in the videos that are behind pay walls. So people can only see the porn with my face showing if they have paid for the content. This isn’t completely secure, because someone could leak the video publicly. But so far it’s worked perfectly. If you want to be discrete, then you can either take this same risk, and only show face when I show mine, behind a pay wall, or I can blur your face out of all of the content, even behind the pay wall. Up to you.

If you’re wanting to sell the content yourself too, then I’ll make edits where my face is blurred. Or if it’s for OnlyFans etc (behind a pay wall) then you can show my face.

The content I want to make

To give you an idea, if you are straight, we could both watch porn and wank, will be super simple, you can even hide your face if needed. If you are gay or open to having sex with guys, then we can film any type of sex scenes. I can accom or drive, or travel anywhere international. And we can film in my car or outside. I’m into all kinks, and want to make fetish videos too.

The editing

I can do all the editing and filming myself, I have decent cameras and lighting. If you will be selling your end too, then I’ll make previews for you to share

The money

If you sell content from your end too, we can both make money from it separately (unless one of us will make much more profit, then we can discus more).

Or if you won’t be selling it your end too, then the easiest and fairest way is if I can pay you a percentage of each sale, as they are sold. This requires trust of course. We can make legal contracts if you would like that.

If we’ve never met, and you’re understandably worried about me not paying you, then I can pay you upfront instead. We can talk about what the right payment is, depending on what we film. For the first time we film, we can just film a small clip, for me to put in a vlog, and I’ll estimate how much of the profit it will generate, and pay you that upfront. Then, if the clip turns out good, and we get on well, we can film more, and maybe film full 20 minute movies. From past experience selling my vlogs, I’d expect a good 20 minute movie to earn around £800 within 6 months.

No pressure!

I’ll prefer to film with people who are mainly in this for the fun, rather than the money. The profits will be shared fairly of course. But I’ll be avoiding people who will be relying on the profit as a main source of income, especially if you seem completely money focused. Basically, I choose to make these videos coz it’s a fun way to earn money, I don’t want it to turn into a stressful job where I have people nagging me often about sales, and pressuring me to film more, and nagging about when I can meet etc etc. I’m looking for people who love doing this.

So if you wonna have fun, and earn money as a nice bonus 😉 get in contact.