How to Make Good Money Selling Worn Underwear

Selling underwear can be a nice side earner! Quite a lot to read here, but hopefully these tips will help you get a slick selling process set up.

1. Create contact methods & social media

Use a fake name, to keep any weirdos at a distance.

Set up an email address for that name.

Setting up a new profile on Twitter will help advertising (you can link accounts in the app, and switch between them super easy), if you post a lot of hot pix and vids of yourself there, you’ll have tonnes of followers in no time, & I can help you by retweening, etc.

Snapchat and Kik accounts are useful (you can get multiple accounts on the same phone if you download another app called “Multiple Accounts:Parallel App”)

Ideally, use a second phone, so you can share a number without your main phone getting crammed with customers.

2. Take good pictures

This is the most important thing. Of course, the hotter you are, the more sales you will get. The hottest guy on a site will get the majority of the sales, while the least will barely get any, if any at all. Take pictures that are clear and as horny as possible.

Let me know if you want a photographer, I know a guy in Manchester.

Best not to share any pix that have both your face and dick in together, incase some knob gets them spread all over twitter.

3. Add background info about yourself in your bio.

People will be more likely to buy, if they know a bit about you. Mention basics like what you do for work, and hobbies. Add the things that will get them excited about you, like if you workout, what type of workouts you do, how often, and maybe things like how often you wank, what turns you on.

Everyone wants what they can’t have, so if you are straight, they will know that buying used stuff from you will be the best they can get, so you can play on that and be cocky about it.

4. Reassure them you’re real

Proving you’re real will increase sales. Maybe add a picture to your profile holding a note mentioning the website you’re selling on, or link to your social media.

5. Buy loads of the same set of underwear

This will save loads of time, by making just the one ad with high stock, instead of having to make adverts for each different type of item. Or make an advert for a “random pair”, and show pics of all your boxers together.

Not many care if they are designer or not. If you can find cheap comfortable ones you’re happy to wear daily, you can lower the price to attract more sales / make more profit.

White boxers/socks are most popular.

6. Choose a sale price range

Obviously, lower price = more sales. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to start with a low price. But if you find you are selling more than you get chance to wear, you can raise the price. This will lower the amount of sales, but maintain profits. If you already have a big x-rated social media following, you are fine starting with relatively high prices, coz you know demand will be high.

7. Packaging and posting

The 150 x 210mm padded envelopes are ideal to post with. You can buy 100 of them on Amazon for £12.40, here. Cheaper to buy them in bulk, and saves you having to keep buying more from the shops.

If you can’t get to a post office super easily, then you can buy Large Letter stamps, online here, and post them by using post boxes. They cost £1.01 each (first class), but you’ll need to use 2 per parcel, due to the weight.

To use 2 Large Letter stamps, you need to make the package as slim as possible by folding the boxers/socks, like in the picture. If the package is thicker than 2.5cm, then it’s classed as a small parcel at about £3.50, and would need 4 Large Letter Stamps.

When I post boxers at the post office, prices range between £1.01 and 1.50, depending on weight.

The rolls of plastic sandwich bags you can buy at supermarkets are useful to wrap them in to keep them fresh.

Having a big stack of envelopes, stamps and underwear at home ready to go, will make the process easy.

8. Advertising

I’ve sold my own using Craigslist and Adpost. Craigs isn’t great anymore because they’ve cracked down on sex related ads. Adpost is still okay for it. Other popular sites are and Snoozled recently stopped processing orders, but still allows profiles for advertising. SofiaGray charges a seller membership fee of £32.97 per year, but no commission.

Advertise on my website

If you want to sell The Shop website, you can apply easily, here. I’ll then send you a link to where you can build your profile.

By selling with me, I’ll help you out 1 to 1 so you can get the best amount of sales possible, and make the process super easy. If you need to be super discreet, I can be the middleman for your contact with customers, so the only person you will need to be in contact with is me.

You fill in a quick form to list an item for sale. I then add the item to your profile. The price you enter is the price you get. I add £5 onto the sale price of the item to cover my admin work. So in effect you get 100% of the amount you want, the price just appears £5 higher on the website.

Customers send payments to me, then I forward it to you. I can send the money however you like.

I can even order the packaging and stamps for you and deliver to you to get you started.

If you live in Manchester and are discreet, I can pick your orders up from you, and post them to customers myself.

You can contact me anytime 24/7 for advice, etc.

If we get a lot of traffic on the site, then I’ll be creating a new website called Laundry Raiders, and will transfer your profile over there.