Wonna get owned?

If you’re not into getting dominated and abused then go back to safety on my homepage.

I’m a 100% masculine lad’s lad, in the Army Reserves, I do Muay Thai. If you wonna get owned then I’m your guy.

If it’s just light domination/vanilla you want from a powerful top then you’re safe, I’m experienced, and I’ll respect your limits – tell me what you want n you’ll get it just how you like it. Contact me now if that sounds like you. I genuinely love all types of sex, so don’t let it put you off that I’m also into being dom, if you’re not into that.

If you want abusing hard then keep reading!

My favourite type of meets are the ones with guys that almost cum in their pants when I push them to their knees. I find it a massive turn on knowing that a guy is turned weak by me and is willing to take abuse.

You can hopefully already see I’m trustworthy, so you know I’ll respect your limits. I get a kick out of shocking people though, by showing them new things, or by pushing the limit of what they can take. I basically love keeping that heart beating like fuck, keeping you on edge and tiring you out. And I’ll do that whatever I think it takes. I’ve got enough experience to pretty much know what your thinking in these situations, so I’ll know what you’re liking and what you’re not. Then I’ll either do what you like, or I’ll take advantage of the shit I know you don’t like to make sure you know who’s boss.

I get a lot of timewasters, so before we’ve met, I won’t be sat for ages sex chatting, in case you don’t really intend to meet. We can chat about all the basics, arranging the meet, and you can tell me everything you like, let me know what you expect from me, and ask me anything you need to know. If I get suspicious that you are just sex chatting, then I’ll stop replying. If you want sex chat with me, then you’ll need to send me ££, so my time isn’t being wasted. Just me honest about what you want, and it’s all good.

If you’re into feet then check out my foot fetish page. Get on the floor n I’ll shove my stinking gym trainers in your face, n my wet socks in your mouth, then you can lick my feet clean.

I’ve got rope, handcuffs, gaffa tape, gags, balaclavas, dildos, chavy clothes, army uniform, suits, builders kit, n more.

I love hearing fantasies, so tell me yours. One of my favourites is finding a guy outside, or walking in his house, beating, raping and robbing him.

And I’ve got hot, straight, alpha mates who also escort and would love to join.

I’ve got some bondage gear, but I like to keep it more improvised than the usual sex dungeon type of scene.. I’m a gaffa tape kinda guy, you won’t see any furry shackles and feathers.

Contact me, call me master! and tell me what you like 👊

You can buy pix if you wonna see more of me.

I’ll abuse you on cam too. Get in contact n let’s sort it